How It works

1Create Profile :

Create an awesome profile. Tell us about yourself and upload a few photos of you and your home. Our team will then review your profile . Once approved, you can start welcoming new cuddly friends at your home!

2Set your own rates and days:

On your profie dashboard, select te dates you want to work, and what kind of pets you want to look after. You can even select the services you want to offer and rates for them.

3Your payments are taken care off:

Pet parents pay online and we transfer the amount to your account once the sitting is over.  We keep a small percentage to take care of marketing and 24x7 customer service.

4Start sitting:

You can choose among the various range of services like pet sitting, pet boarding,grooming, day care, training etc. You have full control on your business. We are here just to smoothen it.