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How does a sitting work?

Paw Pal is an online community for home pet boarding and other services. We connect "Sitters" with "Parents". We Provide secure payment solutions* and a 24/7 customer support* for all services booked through our site.

Signing up to become a "Sitter" is simple and free! You create a free profile with information about your services, your place, and your experience caring for pets. You set your own set rates, control your schedule and decide which pets to accept. We spend money marketing to Pet Parents so they can find your profile.

Pet Parents schedule and book online. We take 15% service fee from the total amount you charge and send you the balance of the payment one business day after your pet boarding is complete.

How do I create a Sitter profile?

You can create your profile on www.pawpal.in/become-a-sitter, by filling in the form provided. We will get back to you with further additional requirements to set up your profile. The sign-up is free! Once you've completed your profile, our team will be alerted to review your listing. They'll call you or send an email to update you on the status of your profile and to let you know if they need any more information. Don't forget to follow all steps to ensure that you have a great profile that will attract Guests!

What requirements do I need to get my profile completed?

Our signup process walks you through every section that requires information about you and your services. You will be asked to write a detailed profile description, verify your email address, and upload at least 5 fantastic photos of the interior and exterior of your home. You should be able to complete your profile in just few minutes. You will also be asked to upload your rates for the different services you offer, once your profile has been approved.

What documents do I need to become a Sitter?

You will be asked for a Government approved photo ID proof and an address proof. You can include any of the below documents: Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID Card, PAN Card

How do I get paid for services I provide?

We send payment automatically* to your personal bank account in one business day (Monday - Friday) after boarding is complete. Because our Guests pay in advance, we hold the payment for you in escrow so that you're guaranteed to get paid on time.‚Äč

What happens in case of an emergency?

We advise all our pet sitters to be aware of any special needs/allergies of the pet as mentioned by the pet parent, and to ensure they are followed precisely to avoid any medical emergency for the pet. However, in case of any such unwanted emergency during the sitting process, Paw Pal would try to ensure the earliest medical assistance for the pet from an authorised Vet. In case of any such untoward situation, Paw Pal would compensate upto Rs.250/- as Vet visiting charges during the sitting process. Please note that this compensation would be valid only if the visit is done during the sitting process as on Paw Pal. The Sitter will need to initially bear the visiting charges for the nearest Vet and can be claim the amount from Paw Pal (upto Rs 250/-), while the remaining can be discussed and claimed from the pet parent.