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How does a sitting work?

​​Paw Pal is an online community for home pet boarding and other services. We connect "Sitters" with "Parents". We provide secure payment solutions* and a 24/7 customer support* for all services booked through our site.

Signing up to become a "Parent" is simple and free! You create a free profile with information about you and your pets. You schedule the sitting and book online.

Is Paw Pal right for my pet?

We believe that home pet sitting and personalized care is the best experience for pets. Our sitters give your pet individual attention and supervised socialization with a small pack of other pets! However, if your pup has behavioral issues, you'll want to convey this and any other specific needs to potential sitter in advance. Our sitters take in pets of all ages and breeds, and any specifications will be noted on their profile descriptions.

What Information Do You Need From Me?

The amount of information we need depends on what you want to do on our site. If you are looking for a sitter, we ask that you share basic information about your pet (such as health and behavioral issues) so that our sitters have all the information they need to provide exceptional care.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

Please note there is no one set cancellation policy for all Sitters and Parents, which differs from the individual policies Siters have set for boarding/sitting.

What If I Want To Meet The Sitter Before I Leave My Pet?

We understand that sometimes photos, verifications, reviews, and emails just aren't enough—sometimes you want to meet someone the old-fashioned way before leaving your pet with them. Not a problem! Choose the Sitter that suits your needs, and schedule a Meet-n-Greet. Each Sitter will have a “Propose a Meet-n-Greet” link on his or her profile. Just select two dates that work best for you to meet with the Sitter. Once the Sitter accepts your Meet-n-Greet request, we'll share the Sitter's contact information so you can arrange an in-person meeting before your pet's stay.

What happens in case of an emergency?

We advise all our pet parents to ensure that the sitter is aware of any special needs/allergies of the pet, to avoid any medical emergency for the pet. However, in case of any such unwanted emergency during the sitting process, Paw Pal would try to ensure the earliest medical assistance for your pet from an authorised Vet. In case of any such untoward situation, Paw Pal would compensate upto Rs.250/- as Vet visiting charges during the sitting process. Please note that this compensation would be valid only if the visit is done during the sitting process as on Paw Pal